Presenting the 2015 Effectively Wild Alternative All-Star Ballot!

While I’m sure no-one could possibly poke holes in the existing All-Star voting system, it seemed like there might be scope to try something a little different. As proposed by Brandon Lee on the BttP Podcast, this will be a 24-hour ballot, and there will be only one vote per person. In the interests of selecting players at each position who have, you know, actually played that position a significant amount this year, all hitters included are qualified for the batting title apart from catchers, who have a 200 PA minimum. If you really object to not being able to vote for David Wright or John Jaso, go and vote another 35 times on the MLB version.

Apparently there’s some holiday or something going on in the U.S. tomorrow, but to us Brits July 4th is just another one of those days Will Smith ran around trying to stop aliens taking over the Earth, so that’s no excuse for not voting. Without further ado, here is the 2015 Effectively Wild Alternative All-Star NL Ballot (direct link):

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And you can find the AL Ballot here. Voting ends Saturday, July 4th at 9:00AM EST.