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If there’s one sport out there accessible to the gaming crowd, I believe it’s baseball. Baseball has everything gamers want; insane eccentricities, naturally occurring pauses, one-on-one interaction, and big stars, and more. To that end, if there are any gamers out there trying to get into baseball and wondering which team to support, I’ve created a handy guide for such an endeavour. Being a gamer and a baseball fan myself, I’ve tried to align this to existing gamer tendencies. I’ll lay out a brief background and a few facts about each team, then tell you what kind of gamer they’ll appeal to, and give a few examples of what the good and bad of following a team will feel like playing. I hope you enjoy it!


Continuing the revolving door of the A’s offseason, the A’s have made a big move to prove that the rebuilding plan is happening right now, and isn’t a long term move. To that point, they have traded John Jaso, Daniel Robertson, and Boog Powell (Herschel “Boog”, not John “Boog” of yesteryear) for Ben Zobrist and Yunel Escobar. First, let’s talk about the players coming in.

“Fresh off the back of Monday’s Brandon Moss for Joe Wendle deal, Billy Beane moved again by flipping Jeff Samardzija and Michael Ynoa for Marcus Semien, Chris Bassitt, Josh Phegley, and Rangel Ravelo. So how do we feel about this as A’s fans? Some places would have you believe that this is a complete rebuild, but is that the case? First, let’s look at the players involved.”

“Brandon Moss is now on the wrong side of 30, and he’s a left-handed DH. If the team is trying to become more well balanced and fit for a long term run, then moving Moss seems fairly self-evident. Moss was moved to Cleveland in exchange for 24-year-old 2nd base prospect named Joseph Wendle. Is that fair market value for Moss? Let’s take a look at Moss’ performance first in order to evaluate his value.”