Yankees rookie catcher Gary Sanchez just played in his 20th major league game, in which he failed to homer. Come on, Gary, get it together. Nonetheless, Sanchez homered in six of his first 20 career games, blasting eight in total, which seems decent; great, even. Your browser does not support iframes. If you’ve actually watched,… Read more »

The Saberseminar (aka Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball) is an annual conference held over a weekend in Boston featuring a full two-slate of sabermetric and analytic presentations. It draws analysts, teams, former players, writers, and fans interested in the science of the sport, with all proceeds going to charity. This is the third… Read more »

This weekend we’ll present a retrospective on the 1994 baseball season. But first, a look back on the infamous strike of that season, and what led up to it.   How come there was a strike? I thought labor relations in baseball are pretty good. They are now. They weren’t then. The Major League Baseball… Read more »

An issue that always pops up during deadline season is team payroll space, or how much budget room a team has to add major league talent at the deadline to bolster a run to the playoffs. Selling teams don’t have to worry about this pesky number for their own organizations as the minor leaguers make… Read more »


Of all the accolades and accomplishments in Ken Griffey Jr.’s career, the most impressive might be this: In an era that may very well have contained both the best hitter and best pitcher in baseball history, Griffey stands out as the most important player of his generation. For someone who has for years touted Barry… Read more »

Baseball has had many events occur that were close to unpredictable. As they say, “That is why you play the games on the field and not paper.” Brady Anderson can have a career year that only pales in comparison to Bondsian and Ruthian slash lines and then return to being closer to Mike Napoli in… Read more »

On the latest NL Central Podcast, Eric Roseberry, Alex Crisafulli, and Brandon Lee talk about the plural forms of breakfast foods, cross-country roadtrips, music festival fashion, hats, and baseball. Baseball topics include but are not limited to rooting against the Reds, Jason Heyward, Cardinals in federal prison, and the upcoming trade deadline. (59 MB, 1h… Read more »


Dear Future Twins General Manager, Congratulations on your new job. It’s been a long half decade in the Twin Cities, where the former world champions amassed a 355-477 record, including four consecutive 90+ loss seasons since 2011. The pitching staff ranks ahead of only the Colorado Rockies in ERA over that span while Twins hitters… Read more »

While there’s still plenty of baseball left to be played, certain teams have significantly deviated from our preseason expectations. As I did at last year’s All-Star Break, I’ve picked out the three teams which are most over- and underperforming their predicted & projected win totals, identified some potential reasons why, and come up with an… Read more »

Special guest Meg Rowley of Baseball Prospectus joins Ryan Sullivan to talk about the Seattle Mariners in 2016, their short-term outlook, and their glory days — including thoughts on Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr. Also: balancing fandom and sportswriting, and the unique appeal of baseball cards.

An MLB Mascots "Quiz"

The hi-jinks of a loveable mascot can be as much a part of the ballpark experience as the crack of the bat and the smell of hot dogs. So, in tribute, here’s a little mascot quiz*.

On Episode 910 of Effectively Wild, Ben and Sam fielded a listener question about which is the least interesting inning in baseball. The discussion naturally also turned to which was the most interesting inning, and if you could only watch one inning, which it would be; a question that’s clearly unanswerable on a number of… Read more »