Welcome to the seventh edition of Banished to the Pen’s season preview series! This time around, we provide a capsule for each team by first looking back at last season in about 60 words (one for each game played), and then look ahead to 2021 in about 162 words (one for each game scheduled). Then we offer a win prediction, and finish out with a song to sum it all up.

You can also follow along with the Effectively Wild podcast at FanGraphs as they cover two teams per episode.

And you can look back to see how we fared along with EW and other more advanced projection systems with our 2020 evaluation.

  1. Mon, March 22: AL East
  2. Tue, March 23: NL East
  3. Thu, March 25: AL Central
  4. Fri, March 26: NL Central
  5. Mon, March 29: AL West
  6. Tue, March 30: NL West


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