Wobbly chairBanished to the Pen is a collective blog organized by fans of Effectively Wild (the sabermetrics podcast from FanGraphs) and members of the Effectively Wild Facebook group.

Our goal is to write about baseball in a variety of ways, ranging from hardcore stats to the lighter side: analytics, player profiles, personal stories, history, interviews, collecting. Some of our writers have gone on to bigger platforms such as SB Nation and Baseball Prospectus.

If you’re interested in contributing material that would be of interest to baseball fans, particularly Effectively Wild listeners, send us an email. Mention what kind of content you’d like to write about, your writing background if any, and include samples/links if available. You may also be able to help out in other areas such as copy editing, research, art, photography, or web design. For more, check out our series, Why You Should Write for Banished to the Pen.



Brandon Lee
Darius Austin
(Baseball Prospectus)
Ken Maeda


Ken Maeda
Matthew Trueblood (Baseball Prospectus)
Mikey Poley
Scott Kramer

Podcast Hosts

Ryan Sullivan (NatsGM)
Brandon Lee

Lead Technician

Kendall Guillemette (Baseball Prospectus)

Writing Roster

Andrew Patrick
Dan Freedman (Medium.com)
Daniel R Epstein (Call to the Pen)
Khurram Kalim (Bronx to Bushville)

Mark Sands
Mike Carlucci (The Sports Post)
Nick Strangis
Rob Mains (Baseball Prospectus)
Seth Moland-Kovash


Alex Crisafulli (Birds on the Black)
Alex Hume
Andrew Gargano (BP Bronx)
Anthony Lorenzo
Anthony Rinaldi
Barry Gilpin
Ben Marchini
Ben Suissa
Ben Young
Bennett Aikin
Bill Thompson
Brandon Schlotfeld
Brian Jones
Bryant Snyder
Chad Stewart
Chris Baber
Corey Smith
Daniel Conmy
Eddy Wahlgren
Eric Garcia McKinley (SB Nation)
Eric Roseberry (SB Nation)
George Kimmet
Jacob Marsalisi
Jim Turvey
Joseph Garcia
Julien Assouline (BP Milwaukee)

Kyle McCarthy
Louie Opatz

Matt Jackson (Beyond the Box Score)
Matt Nekrich
Matt Tobin
Michael Grace
Michael McLellan
Mick Reinhard
Nick Koss
Paul Cline
Stephen Shaw (BP Bronx)
Tyler Baber
Nathan White
Paul Cline
Rose Ingberman
Ross Bukouricz
Scott Kushner
Sean Cliffoed
Seth Rubin
Shelly Verougstraete
Simon Gutierrez
Stephen Shaw (BP Bronx)
Tyler Baber
Walter Cook
Zach Brady


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