Presented here is a virtual baseball card series that aims to serve as an introduction to sabermetrics: Why is on base percentage better than batting average? What’s a good OPS? What does wRC+ mean?

Our goal is to provide a basic understanding of the concepts behind the crazy acronyms as they become increasingly common in baseball coverage. Most entries consist of a brief description; a “range table” that breaks down what’s good, average, and bad; and top-five MLB leaderboards for the past two seasons.

9/5/17: “Pack 1” consists of an intro (1), OBP (2), SLG (3), OPS (4), and OPS+ (5). ZIP file (3.5 MB) with cards 1-5.

10/13/17: Three cards for “Pack 2” added – BABIP/Run Expectancy (6), wOBA (7), and wRC+ (8).

11/30/17: Two cards for “Pack 2” added – Defense (DRS/UZR/FRA) (9) and WAR (10).  ZIP file (3.0 MB) with cards 6-10.

Click on the side arrows to advance back and forth. Mobile users can pinch-and-zoom to enlarge.


Pack #1


Pack #2



By Darius Austin, Ken Maeda, and Rob Mains.
Thanks to Brandon Lee, Daniel R Epstein, Khurram Kalim, and Eric Roseberry.

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