Presented here is a guide to some of the more memorable segments and episodes of Effectively Wild, the thrice-weekly podcast from FanGraphs and formerly of Baseball Prospectus. (iTunes feed)

Our detailed write-ups on episodes 1-26 can be found at our EW Rewind section. Some of the show’s more enduring running jokes and references were explained during our annual Wild Four Tournaments.

You can also browse Ben’s EW Songs and Sounds list, and listener Arthur Rudolph’s Spotify playlist of available songs.

More details on each episode can be found at the EW Wiki.

Newly added pre-2017 entries in bold.


2012 (7 episodes)  [expand]

2013 (12 episodes)  [expand]

2014 (18 episodes)  [expand]

2015 (16 episodes)  [expand]

2016 (25 episodes)  [expand]

2017 (31 episodes, 1 new)  [expand]

2018 (8 episodes, 8 new)  [expand]

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5 Responses to “Effectively Wild: Essential Works (updated 11/27/19)”

  1. Aaron S.

    I remember a great conversation–probably in a 2013 episode–about Sam and Ben’s love of extra inning games. I vividly remember a discussion about rooting for neither team to score–up until the visiting team scores, and then rooting for the home team to score the exact same number of runs. Ben also commented on possible injuries forcing players to play way out of position in late innings, to which Sam replied, “That’s not a bug, that’s a feature!” That’s one I’d recommend.



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