A year ago the Miami Marlins entered the season with the smallest opening day payroll in baseball ($41.8 M). They ended the season with their best player suffering a gruesome injury and with the lowest attendance in the National League. Their 77-85 record landed them fourth in the NL East.

What a difference an off-season makes. There are a lot of reasons for optimism around Miami heading in to 2015 and what follows is a 2015 season preview for the Marlins.

Are you ready, Marlins fans?

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The Cincinnati Reds traded for Marlon Byrd last week. That’s not the most exciting sentence in the world is it? The response on social media was equally lackluster. It’s not that people ignored the trade, but it seemed to leave everyone feeling a little indifferent. This trade felt a lot like the argyle socks that you got for Christmas two weeks ago – you weren’t terribly excited about them, but you did need to replace a few pairs with holes in them.

“On Tuesday, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Reds are open to trading Aroldis Chapman. Most people assumed that if the Reds made a move it would involve one of their starting pitchers. However, could dealing Chapman provide a big enough return to help the Reds boost a slumping offense?”