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It’s down to the Sweep Sixteen in Round 2 of the 2016 Effectively Wild Tournament. First, the decisive results of the second half of Round 1:

2016-wild-four-r1p2 ADefending champs #1 D-Backs Headlines (65%) started with some strong competition from Tree in the Infield before pulling away with the lead.

#5 “Ben Isn’t Here” (62%) topped Bartolo Colon.

#2 “If Baseball Were Different” (82%) upended the Honda Fit.

#3 Market Diner* (81%), perhaps with a strong sympathy vote, blew past Ben-Sam/Sam-Ben.


2016-wild-four-r1p2 B

#1 Webb-Albers (93%) had the second-best first-round total, dominating Snowpiercer.

#4 Barry Bonds (65%) outhit Bryce Harper.

#2 Burn the Ships (68%) conquered Target.

And #3 Mike Trout (59%) stormed past Multiples of 5.


Voting for the round of 16 ends Sunday night (12a ET), March 13.

Next round will be posted Wednesday, March 16.

Visit rounds 1A and 1B for more info on the entrants. Visit our Essential Works for links to classic episodes. Thanks for your participation!

(* indicates first tournament appearance)


Ned Garver* (1) vs Lindbergh Burrito Method (4)

Drafts of Everything (2) vs Squeaky Laugh (6)


Gonny Jomes* (1) vs Triple from the Cycle Notifications* (5)

Morbid Sam (2) vs Smash Mouth (3)


D-Backs Headlines (1) vs “Ben Isn’t Here” (EW Theme) (5)

If Baseball Were Different… (2) vs Market Diner* (3)


Webb-Albers (1) vs Barry Bonds (4)

Burn the Ships* (2) vs Mike Trout (3)

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