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Welcome to the Round of 8 of the 2017 Effectively Wild Tournament Bracket Classic, where we bid farewell to the Burrito Method, Gonny Jomes, and Rich Hill.

Here are the results of the Round of 16 (click charts to enlarge). Five of the eight matchups were decided by single-digit votes. The closest was Barry over Gonny by just two.

D-Backs Headlines (1) def Bad Baseball References (4)
Burn the Ships (3) def Lindbergh Burrito Method (2)

Mike Trout (1) def Shohei Otani (4)
Barry Bonds (3) def Gonny Jomes (2)

Sam’s Morbid Moments (1) def Sam’s Old Tweets (4)
If Baseball Were Different… (2) def Trampolines (6)

Webb-Albers (1) def Smash Mouth (5)
Drafts of Everything (3) def Rich Hill (2)



Read about the entries on our opening round pages.


D-Backs Headlines (1) vs Burn the Ships (3)

Mike Trout (1) vs Barry Bonds (3)

Sam’s Morbid Moments (1) vs If Baseball Were Different… (2)

Webb-Albers (1) vs Drafts of Everything (3)

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