Sorry for going silent at just the wrong moment, as it seems. I’ve been sick; my kids have been sick; my wife just got sick; and I still don’t have home Internet service. Beginning tomorrow, Nov. 1, I’ll be back in action, with stuff on the second half of the World Series; the onrushing offseason; and some cool new features.

I’m doing a sort of slow restructuring. I’ve already introduced Weaver’s Ghost, Teach Him a Cutter! and The Accounts and Descriptions of This Game. There will be new installments of each coming over the next week. I’ve also got two new post/article categories up my sleeve, both of which might debut tomorrow:

  • In the Best Interests of Baseball will be a fairly infrequent feature, but always a fun discussion. These are my big-think notions on how to improve the game, however one might read the word ‘improve.’
  • A Balanced Schedule is a feature in which I’ll be highlighting one team per day, 30 days a month, so hitting each team once a month. In months with 31 days, I dunno, I’ll take a rest I guess.

Speaking of which, I’m writing this on the morning of October 31. So I’m going to rest a bit. In addition to these recurring, regular pieces, I’m still hoping to keep up with news and rumors as the hot stove heats, and it’s sure to start doing so almost immediately, given the managerial carousel in motion and the (nee 15) five-day respite we all get before free agency kicks into gear.

Happy Halloween.

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