The Winter Meetings began this week just outside of Washington, D.C., and the one team everyone will be watching is the Chicago White Sox, as it seems as though the market is waiting for the South Siders… Read more »

This article is focused at the complete novice. If you’re already familiar with cricket, you’ll notice that I’ve greatly simplified a number of things for the sake of brevity.   In the past year, I… Read more »

“Last week, Trea Turner was not traded from the Padres to the Nationals. He wasn’t traded because players can’t be traded until a year after they signed – June 13, 2015 in Turner’s case. The asset that was included in the deal was a player to be named later (PTBNL). PTBNLs don’t need to be named until six months later. Conveniently, Turner would be eligible to be traded at this point. (Of course, it was Turner in the trade – I’m just pointing out the technicality).”

“It’s been nearly two months since the Royals lost the World Series by ninety feet. Baseball went into hibernation when Fox signed off that night, not to be heard from again until April, right? Of course not, although we do get a welcome respite from Joe ‘Hack’ Buck and Harold ‘Hack’ Reynolds. Baseball is a 365-day-a-year sport (366 in leap years). There are plenty of ways to get your baseball fix in the winter.”