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It’s hard to describe, the experience, really. Like meeting a person you already know all over again. It was almost like the blind baby who saw her mom for the first time. OK, not quite that. But close. The man, quite suddenly and unannounced, now has a face. After spending a good amount of time over the past two plus years railing against Major League Baseball’s talking heads and hot takes, Baseball Prospectus’ Editor-in-Chief Sam Miller loaned his own versions of both to MLB Network a couple days ago.

“The Texas Rangers have a lot of holes left to fill in their 2015 roster, and an uneventful week of Winter Meetings brought the team no closer to addressing those needs.  After unfruitful discussions with the Padres about Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross, and talks with Arizona about Wade Miley ending with the lefty heading to Boston, Evan Grant encountered a “grumpy” Jon Daniels on Tuesday clawing at a tangerine.”

“Has Billy Beane lost his mind? I mean, really. For years, the baseball world thought he was crazy, just, you know…like a fox. But after unloading three of his best players in the span of about a week for seemingly nickels on the dollar, you have to start wondering if these are the machinations of an evil genius, or a lunatic. Or maybe just a desperate man who went all-in and lost.”