“Nerd: One whose unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person, without fear of other people’s judgement.” — Zachary Levi

I’ll admit a day does not go by without me thinking about baseball and ballparks.  Regardless of where I am, which can be awkward at times during the day, the time of the year, or who I am with (just ask my wife and kids), I am up for a conversation about the venues and cities where baseball is played. It all started in June 2002: I was two semesters away from graduating Fordham University and wasn’t ready to enter the real world.  MasterCard had a commercial at the time where a father and son attended a ballgame.  The narrator mentions how much tickets, concessions and souvenirs cost, however the time spent together and experience were priceless.  It was with that idea in mind that I decided to begin touring the 30 Major League ballparks.  I have spent the last 14 years traveling across North America creating priceless memories throughout 38 Major League ballpark visits while bringing many friends and family along the way.

I created Ballpark Nerd to preserve my ballpark road trips for posterity and help others experience their own ballpark adventures. For me, heading out to the ballpark is more than attending a ballgame; it’s a way to immerse myself into a new community with baseball as the icebreaker. After years of shying away from being called a nerd, I am embracing it and hope others enjoy all that Ballpark Nerd has to offer.

Ballpark Nerd is organized into seven sections:

  1. Ballpark Experiences & Galleries – Essays and photos from my travels.
  2. Ballpark Concierge – Travel, ticket, children’s activities, concession, schedules and promotions for all 30 teams. Need help planning your next ballpark road trip? I am here to help. As an example, check out my entry on AT&T Park, site of the upcoming Sunday night game.
  3. News – Will the A’s and Rays ever build a new stadium? Wondering how SunTrust Park is coming along? I will keep you updated on MLB ballpark news throughout the year.
  4. Rankings – Need help deciding which ballpark you should visit? I’ve included a synopsis on what makes each ballpark unique. Again, AT&T Park: Twain summed it up best, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”  Bring a sweater if you plan on attending a night game at this beautiful ballpark on the Bay.  It’s conveniently located in downtown San Francisco and honors the Giants history both in the East Bay and New York.  Make sure to make pregame visits to the Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda and Juan Marichal statues before taking a walk to McCovey cove.  Once inside I recommend heading up to the aptly named View level to enjoy views of the Golden Gate Bridge and East Bay. AT&T Park - Home of this week's Sunday Night Baseball
  5. Inside the Park – Want to know what new concessions are being served at the ballpark? Updates on what impacts fan experiences while they are at the ballpark.
  6. Game Log– A listing of the 194 MLB games I’ve attended through 6/10/16 along with players of the game and proof of purchase.
  7. About & Contact Us – Share your own ballpark experiences and request information regarding a personalized Ballpark Tour via the Contact Us section, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Ballpark Nerd

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