The Astros won the AL pennant on Saturday night.  A clean 4-0 victory over the one-season-too-soon Baby Bombers.  However, one pitch could have changed it all. If you checked Sportscenter Friday night, you would have… Read more »

I am an attorney.  As such, my bookcases are stocked with legal tomes, filled with confusing text, obscure events, and various and sundry arcana.  After practicing for nearly twenty years, I rarely reach for any… Read more »

Some moments are indelible.  When they happen, we know we have witnessed history.  And no matter what happens after, those moments will be lodged in our memory, forevermore. “The Giants win the pennant…the Giants win… Read more »

The Home Run Derby (presented by something, I assure you) doesn’t matter. It never has, really, but occasionally it has been fun to watch. The best example of this is Josh Hamilton‘s impressive display in… Read more »