“It’s been a great holiday season for all of us here at Banished to the Pen! Our Secret Santa exchange resulted in only minor injuries that, at worst, will leave a few staffers day-to-day. And the Party Planning Committee’s appeal of their suspension has a very good chance of being reduced! So as this time of giving comes to a close, here’s some kind words you gave to us (although, again, it often involved trying to sell us things…).”

Late Tuesday night, it was announced that the Cubs had signed free agent Jon Lester to a 6-yr, $155-million contract: “The fact is 2014 Jon Lester was completely different from 2011-2013 Jon Lester. Instead, he looked like the Jon Lester who was lost years ago. What changed that made the Red Sox nearly double their initial offer for Lester in a matter of months? Let’s take a look.”

“While the terms of the contract are unkown at this time, the Braves have reportedly signed 31 year-old third and second baseman Alberto Callaspo with the intention of starting him at 2nd base in 2015 and possibly using him at 3rd base vs. right-handed pitchers.”

“Oh Yankees, enjoy Andrew Miller for the next four years. We in Boston enjoyed watching him for the last two. However, his time in Boston was not entirely great. Boston can thank Bobby Valentine (I cannot believe I just typed that) for Miller’s transformation.”