The Yankees retired Wayne Tolleson’s number on Sunday. This is believed to be coincidental because the person who wore #2 a few years later is the franchise leader in PA, H, 2B, and SB. Also there is no mention of Tolleson on Derek Jeter’s plaque.

Jeter was well known for his inside-out swing that produced a lot of singles (2,595 of them in fact). He also displayed remarkable consistency in a stat we will call X. He never finished in the top ten in the league in X, but he accomplished at least 10 X in 15 consecutive seasons. He also had a few famous X against the Orioles, Diamondbacks, and Rays.

The list of players with at least 20 consecutive seasons of 10 or more X is indeed impressive: Hank Aaron (23), Stan Musial (21, not including time missed for military service), Reggie Jackson (20), Al Kaline (20), Eddie Murray (20), Cal Ripken (20), and Carl Yastrzemski (20).

Jeter had 10+ X in every season from 1996-2010. The only other players to have 10+ X in each of those seasons were Alex Rodriguez and Chipper Jones. The longest active streak of 10+ X seasons belongs to Albert Pujols, who has done it every year since 2001.

Have you solved for X yet? You can find the answer here.

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