1. Miguel Cabrera (DET) (1B/3B)
  2. Paul Goldschmidt (AZ)
  3. Edwin Encarnacion (TOR)
  4. Jose Abreu (CHISOX)
  5. Anthony Rizzo (CHICUBS)
  6. Victor Martinez (DET)
  7. Jose Bautista (TOR) (1B/OF)
  8. Joey Votto (CIN)
  9. Adrian Gonzalez (LAD)
  10. Prince Fielder (TEX)
  11. David Ortiz (BOS)
  12. Buster Posey (SF)
  13. Chris Davis (BAL)
  14. Mark Trumbo (AZ)
  15. Chris Carter (HOU)
  16. Adam LaRoche (CHISOX)
  17. Carlos Santana (CLE)
  18. Joe Mauer (MIN)
  19. Eric Hosmer (KC)
  20. Justin Morneau (COL)
  21. Mike Napoli (BOS)
  22. Albert Pujols (LAA)
  23. Brandon Moss (CLE)
  24. Freddie Freeman (ATL)
  25. Brandon Belt (SF)
  26. Mark Teixeira (NYY)

Todd Fraizer
Jon Singleton
CJ Cron
Christian Walker


First base is a hard category to rank this year. It seems deeper than ever before.

Several players will probably play other positions primarily or eventually gain other position eligibility such as Joey Bautista, Buster Posey, Carlos Santana and possibly Brandon Moss, Chris Carter and Adrian Gonazalez.

Because 1B is so deep I would be most inclined to wait on the position. I really like guys like Trumbo, Carter and LaRoche. I feel like LaRoche is often undervalued but every year puts up very respectable numbers. He hovers around the 25 homer, .260BA marks and has very good BB on rates. If you are in a deeper league or CI league you certainly do worse and pay more at auction for less production.

Chris Carter is very similar except you are trading some BA for more power. Chris Carter has become the new Adam Dunn. Two years ago Carter drew 70BB while launching 29 dingers. Carter saw the homers tick up to 37 this past season and the BB fall to 56 while getting roughly a dozen fewer PAs. As Carter enters his age 29 season I am optimistic that he will continue to be a highly useful power play at a very low cost.

A couple guys who just didn’t quite make the cut in the top 25 include Jon Singleton and Todd Fraizer, who probably makes the cut at 3b anyway. You also might be wondering why I am so low on Freddie Freeman.

My biggest concerns with Freeman surround his floor, or what I perceive it to be. Freeman had a very poor walk rate in the minors and his MLB BABIP seem highly unsustainable. So far his BABIP sits at a robust .338. Freeman doesn’t hit a lot of homeruns and his K rate is slightly elevated. Two stats that don’t figure into his BABIP. He mostly profiles as a guy who doesn’t hurt you in any one category, yet, but also doesn’t win you an categories either. He might be a solid CI or DH for the near future but I am concerned a fall from grace is due at any moment.

Jon Singleton had very impressive numbers last fall and a good showing before his 2014 call up. Nothing would really surprise me with him for 2015. Keep an eye on him and be quick to add him if he shows early signs of life this season.

We also saw impressive numbers from CJ Cron last season. The biggest hurdle he has to clear is a small logjam between 1B and DH that could see Cron being out of the mix for playing time more than half the season. Still if an injury occurs there is a good chance Cron makes his presence known again and holds on for the ride this time.

Walker is a bit older for a prospect at 24. He also has Chris Davis ahead of him in Baltimore. Still in short stops at 3 levels last season, including a cup of coffee, he showed more than decent pop by launching 27 homeruns. 20 of those coming at AA where he was a little old for the league. Still he showed decent pop in 2013 also where he had 11 bombs in roughly half a seasons worth of ABs across 3 levels of A ball. It’s doubtful he is an impact player this season, but is still worth watching.

Often first base becomes a landing spot for aging infielders, injured guys or younger players who show bat skills but are found lacking in the field. It’s not always a position you find guys in minors working their way up from and making a big league career out of. Look for players who might fit this mold and pay attention to position eligibility as changes occur in your leagues.


As always, please reserve all death threats and hate mail to my twitter @TheFantasyPronk, all comments and feedback and discussion is welcome.

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