This is just a quick post to introduce a new feature, here at Arm Side Run. I’m calling it “Weaver’s Ghost,” in honor of Earl Weaver, the best tactical manager in MLB history. Weaver literally wrote the book on managing (Weaver on Strategy, a short but oh-so-sweet treasure that’s gotten tragically hard to find), and his insights, from the dubious value of the sacrifice bunt to the best way to break in young pitchers, were decades ahead of his time.

Weaver is long retired and recently gone, but his sharp intuition and refusal to suffer fools still inform great sabermetric analysis. I’ll be using “Weaver’s Ghost” posts to highlight especially sharp or egregious managerial decisions, from lineup choices to bullpen management to, yes, bunting. Most of the posts will be short; they’re meant as discussion pieces. They should be fun, though, especially if you enjoy complaining about your favorite team’s boneheaded skipper.

Look for the first of these sometime during the World Series, which begins Wednesday. Then, in about a week, the world ends for a few months, and you’ll have to wait until next spring for more regular doses of healthy outrage.

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