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Hi, everyone! And welcome to Write-Up For Yesterday, BttP’s guide to what the heck happened yesterday in baseball. We’re not gonna just hand you some scores here, because we trust you know how to type the letters E-S-P-N into your internet machine. Instead, we hope to give you a fuller and richer understanding of important goings on from yesterday in baseball. The big stories, and the noteworthy performances-good and bad.



Hoo-boy, that Dodgers-Giants game was something else. Kershaw and Bumgarner essentially pitched to a draw, and then there was a ninth-inning that featured possible base coach interference, Yasiel Puig playing third base, and a walk-off by the Giants. Here’s a video of the suspected interference, It looks pretty cut and dried to me, but after Blanco reached base, third base umpire Fieldin Culbreth (a name that is already pretty good, but would be greatly increased by the inclusion of an apostrophe after the n) took his eyes off him. The best part about that video is Blanco and third base coach Roberto Kelly trying to make small talk with each other while Don Mattingly is literally six inches behind them, screaming about them being cheating cheaters.

It was really cold in Detroit yesterday! David Price was really bad! Maybe those two things are related. Price gave up eight runs in two innings to the Yankees and left the game fairly soon after that last one. After all that, though, he still only has an ERA in the low threes. Although it did mean -20 points for my fantasy team, which I super appreciate, David Price.

St. Louis beat Doug Fister and the Nationals, thanks in large part to Kolten Wong’s three RBIs and his defense. Just like Psalms 3:16 says: “[citation needed]”

The Mets have won ten straight! Those ten games have come against the Braves, Phillies, and Marlins. But still! They beat the Braves again last night thanks to Wilmer Flores, Lucas Duda, and Juan Lagares. Eric Young Jr. has a .225 OBP from the lead-off spot for the Braves, which sounds about right.

On Tuesday, the Reds and Brewers scored a combined twenty-six runs. Last night it was three. Johnny Cueto and Jimmy Nelson had a heck of a pitcher’s duel going, despite Cueto’s two balks, which is very weird. A 1-1 tie was broken for good in the 9th when Billy Hamilton scored on a K-Rod wild pitch, which is simultaneously an aggravating and appropriate end to a game like that.







The latest on the recovery of John Axford’s son, Jameson.

Jeff Long tries to find new player archetypes.

Chris Rock on African-Americans in baseball.



Julio Teheran (ATL) vs. Bartolo Colon (NYM) (10:10 PT)

It’s sad to think that even if Bartolo had his best year ever this season, folks would still only be excited to watch him try to hit.

Michael Wacha (STL) vs. Max Scherzer (WAS) (1:05 PT)

Dominating the Cards would probably help Scherzer win over all those folks who are disappointed with his 0.83 ERA so far.

Yordano Ventura (KC) vs. Chris Sale (CHW) (5:10 PT)

Ventura has had an interesting, abrasive year so far. Maybe the culmination of the Brett Lawrie Saga was a wake-up call.

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