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Hi, everyone! And welcome to Write-Up For Yesterday, BttP’s guide to what the heck happened yesterday in baseball. We’re not gonna just hand you some scores here, because we trust you know how to type the letters E-S-P-N into your internet machine. Instead, we hope to give you a fuller and richer understanding of important goings on from yesterday in baseball. The big stories, and the noteworthy performances-good and bad.


My favorite Effectively Wild Meme Team players are Nick Markakis and AJ Burnett and their streak of being pretty-good without ever being “great” or being recognized for much of anything (in terms of All Star Game appearances and MVP/Cy Young votes). Sorry Matt and Ryan, that’s just how I roll.

In his first season with Atlanta, Markakis is hitting .301/.390/.340, good for an OPS+ of 104. Sorry Nick, those numbers are alright enough, but this doesn’t look like it’s going to be Your Year.

As for Burnett…/my god/. On the season, Burnett has a 1.66 ERA, 3.22 FIP, and 3.63 DRA, and last night he notched his 2,400th career strikeout in a start against the Reds. Weird number, sure, but only 27 RHP in the history of MLB have done that. Sure, a lot can happen between now and July (and last night was only his first “win” of the season), but maybe, just maybe, this is his year to be a first time All Star at age 38.

A-ROD DID A THING: something something home run, 661-something-something, Willie Mays something-something.

DOUBLE PLAY: “Hey thanks for keeping score while I went to grab this nacho helmet. You want some? It has guac. Lemme see here, 8 UNASSISTED? WHAT?”

IMMACULATE INNING: Mike Fiers needed only nine pitches to get through the 4th inning against the Dodgers, as he struck out the side for the 79th “immaculate inning” in MLB history, and first since Brandon McCarthy on September 17. Fiers and the Brewers had little else going for them, as they lost to LA 14-4.

BETTER THAN A BILLBOARD: Reds fans have started a petition at Change.org asking the team to demote Kevin Gregg. When the team won’t act, fans must Take Matters Into Their Own Hands. Gregg has a 10.13 ERA / 5.58 FIP / 4.96 DRA on the year.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Looking back at the beginning of the season. Bless you, Mets Homer.


Screenshot 2015-04-05 at 9.40.09 AM






Not a tweet but (y)

dbacks salty


Jeff Sullivan on Andrew McCutcheon’s bad start/slump/rut/some new terminology for a streak of poor performance. (JABO)

Grant Brisbee tries to see how A-Rod can pass Bonds. If he hits 5 homers at age 44, it can happen! (SBNation)

Over at BP, Dan Rozenson looks at Tyler Clippard’s…forkball? (BaseballProspectus)

When Jon Bois does something it deserves a link: Pretty Good: Oh my God, the Mets gave Koo Dae-Sung a baseball bat



Slash lines for pitchers are ERA/FIP/DRA


Matt Harvey (NYM, 2.41 / 2.82 / 3.79) vs. Cole Hamels (PHI, 4.14 / 5.44 / 4.57)


Michael Wacha (STL, 1.93 / 3.66 / 3.54) vs. Francisco Liriano (PIT, 1.95 / 3.33 / 3.40)

The Cardinals are rolling, coming off of a series where they won 3-of-4 against the Cubs (boooo), and they take on Liriano, who is currently 6th in DRA.


Johnny Cueto (CIN, 2.72 / 3.35 / 3.52) vs. Carlos Rodon (CHW, 2.84 / 3.81 / 4.45)

Carlos Rodon has pitched out of the bullpen so far this season (1 GF, 0 saves), but will make the first start of his career this season against Johnny Cueto and the Reds.

Dallas Keuchel (HOU, 0.80 / 2.71 / 3.17) vs. Matt Shoemaker (LAA, 5.40 / 5.33 / 4.87)

Sure Keuchel leads the league in DRA (and is the reigning AL Pitcher of the Month) and Shoemaker hasn’t been great this season but LOOK AT THOSE BEARDS.

beards matchup



Jesse Chavez (OAK, 1.80 / 2.78 / 3.46) vs. Felix Hernandez (SEA, 1.73 / 2.41 / 3.44)

In three starts so far this season Jesse Chavez has a 2.45 ERA in 18.1 innings. Felix is Felix.

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