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Welcome to the 2015 Effectively Wild Tournament’s Sweep Sixteen. First, the results from the second half of the first round:


wild-four-r1-2 resultsMcCullough Region: The Squeaky Laugh (1) had a first-round scare with a halftime tie vs the upstart Lindbergh Burrito Method, but then pulled away to a 59% total.

Multiples of 5 (5) barreled over Jose Molina, and finished at 80% — a multiple of 5.

The Silly Position (2) had no fear against Ben’s Homemade Pickles, getting 70% of the vote.

“If Baseball Were Different…” (6) made things very different, upsetting Promo Code BP with a 68% total.


Wojciechowski Region: The Honda Fit (1) electrified its fans, ending The Wire References with 68%

The Wobbly Chair (5) firmly concluded the “Ben-Sam”/Sam-Ben” debate, winning with 70%.

Snowpiercer (2) steamed past Pat Venditte, finishing with 60%.

And the D-Backs Headline Contest (3) showed no remorse in its victory over the Plumbers/Pipefitters Union, getting 85%.


Now it’s on to the round of 16. Will “Ben Isn’t Here” take Drafts off the board? Can the Fit knock over the Wobbly Chair? Will Snowpiercer slice up some Venomous Snakes? You decide! (Read more about the Carleton/Levine Region entries, and the McCullough/Wojciechowski Region entries — includes sound clips). 

Carleton Region

Webb-Albers (1) v Barry Bonds (5)

“Ben isn’t Here” (2) v Drafts of Everything (3)


Levine Region

Smash Mouth (1) v Crickets (4)

Fat Player Photos (3) v EW Reliever League (7)


McCullough Region

Squeaky Laugh (1) v Multiples of 5 (5)

The Silly Position (2) v “If Baseball Were Different…” (6)


Wojciechowski Region

The Honda Fit (1) v Wobbly Chair (5)

Snowpiercer (2) v D-Backs Headline Contest (3)


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