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It’s down to the Effective Eight of the Effectively Wild Tournament. First, the results from the Sweep Sixteen:


wild-four-r3 resultsThe tandem of Webb-Albers (1) showed Bonds-like dominance against Bonds himself, racking up 91% of the total.

Drafts of Everything (3) narrowly edged out “Ben Isn’t Here” by 3 votes, getting 51%.

Smash Mouth (1) exterminated the Crickets, finishing with 70%

Fat Player Photos (3) were too much for the EW Reliever League, with 69% of the vote.


Multiples of 5 (5) silenced the Squeaky Laugh (1), with a 54% total.

“If Baseball Were Different” (3) got the same winning results, defeating the Silly Position with 78%.

The Wobbly Chair (5) sent the Honda Fit rolling off a cliff,  taking 62%.

D-Backs Headlines (3) derailed Snowpiercer, with a decisive 83%.


Now it’s on to the Effective Eight. Can our favorite relievers get the final 3 outs? Will Smash Mouth get back to the top of the charts? Wobbly Wobbly Gone? You decide! (Read more about the Carleton/Levine Region entries, and the McCullough/Wojciechowski Region entries — includes sound clips).


Carleton Region

Webb-Albers (1) v  Drafts of Everything (3)


Levine Region


Smash Mouth (1) v Fat Player Photos (3)


McCullough Region


“If Baseball Were Different…” (3) v Multiples of  (5)


Wojciechowski Region


D-Backs Headline Contest (3) v Wobbly Chair (5)



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3 Responses to “2015 Wild Four Tournament (Round of 8)”

  1. An enthusiastic Schweppes drinker

    D-Back headlines cannot win, guys! It’s an Arizona Republic creation!
    Meanwhile, the Wobbly Chair is 100% Ben & Sam and will, surely, soon replace the Hot Seat in professional news media.

    • Bertil

      In my book it’s not as much “D-Backs Headline Contest” as it is “Ben & Sam sarcastically comments on D-Backs Headline Contest” 🙂

  2. Bertil

    I’m really torn in the “if baseball were different…” / “Multiples of 5” matchup…


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