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It’s down to the Wild Four of the Effectively Wild Tournament. First, the results from the Effective Eight:


wild-four-r4-resultsWebb-Albers (1) finished off the Drafts of Everything, in a blowout, tallying 76% of the vote.

Fat Player Photos (3) broke the mold, muting Smash Mouth with 71%.

“If Baseball Were Different…” (3) zeroed out the Multiples of 5, garnering 53%. With a 5-vote margin, it’s how they would’ve wanted to go out.

D-Backs Headlines (3) slithered past the Wobbly Chair with a 65% total.


It’s down to the Wild Four: the Voltron of Effectively Wild in 2015. Team GFWASV versus Team FPP. Different Baseball versus D-Backs Headlines. Who advances to the championship? You decide! (Click on the links to read more about each entry.)

Webb-Albers (1)

Fat Player Photos (3)

“If Baseball Were Different…” (3)

D-Backs Headline Contest (3)


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