Nora Morse Awarded “Most Venomous Player”


D-Backs Win Meaningless Contest”Webb-Albers Fail to Convert Opportunity” “How Sweep It Is!”

As the 2015 MLB season commences, the first annual Effectively Wild Tournament Bracket Classic comes to a close. After two weeks, six rounds of voting, and 31 matchups, there is one winner: The D-Backs Headline Contest.

Sam voiced his support for D-Backs Headlines. Ben backed the duo of Ryan Webb and Matt Albers. Over 300 votes were cast in the championship round. Runner-up Webb-Albers had started out with a lead, only to see D-Backs Headlines tie it up, and things remained tight until the very end where 14 votes made the difference.

Now it’s time for baseball season. More Webb-Albers updates. And possibly more D-Backs Headlines Contests, whose long-suffering cast of contributors now have something to celebrate.

So good night, Ms Norse, wherever you are.


Thank you to all who voted during the tournament. Effectively Wild listeners, old and new, are encouraged to browse the summaries for each of the 32 entries (part 1, part 2), as it can also serve as a reference guide. And check Banished to the Pen throughout the season for the Webb-Albers Watch. Hang in there, guys!




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