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It’s finally down to the Championship Match of the 2015 Effectively Wild Tournament. First, the results from the Wild Four semi-finals:



Webb-Albers (1) had “Fat Player Photos” for lunch, putting a 79% on the board.

D-Back Headlines (3) sank its teeth into “If Baseball Were Different,” and scored 62%.


After four rounds, it all comes down to the final vote. Which finalist will be crowned Greatest Thing About Effectively Wild in 2015? You decide! (Click on the links to read more about each entry, and all previous entries.)


D-Backs Headline Contest (3)

Webb-Albers (1)


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2 Responses to “2015 Wild Four Tournament (Championship)”

  1. gweedoh565

    It all comes down to peak (D-back headline contest) vs longevity (Webb-Albers)!

  2. louie420

    The headlines prompted Sam’s squeaky laugh, whereas the Albers-Webb thing didn’t. That makes it pretty clear to me.


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