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We’re down to the championship round of the 2016 Effectively Wild Tournament.

In the semi-finals, #1 Ned Garver defeated #1 Gonny Jomes 70%-30%, and #1 Webb-Albers defeated #2 “If Baseball Were Different” 59%-41%.



Voting for the final round ends Wednesday night (12a ET), March 30.

Results will be posted Thursday, March 31.

Visit rounds 1A and 1B for more info on all entrants. Visit our Essential Works for links to classic episodes. You can also vote in our team-by-team PECOTA prediction poll.

Thanks for your participation!


Ned Garver (1) vsĀ Webb-Albers (1)

First Garver episode: #722, 9/10/15

First Webb-Albers episode: #406, 3/14/14

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