Congratulations to Ned Garver on winning the 2nd annual Effectively Wild Tournament Bracket Classic!

2016-wild-four-r5The pride of Ney, Ohio got the best of Ryan Webb (pride of Clearwater FL) and Matt Albers (pride of Houston TX), receiving 67% of the final 124 votes.

Along the way, he easily defeated the likes of Baseball on Ice, the Lindbergh Burrito Method, and Drafts of Everything. On the other end, Webb and Albers finish again, as runners-up.

Fun fact: While their claim to fame is their streaks of games finished without a save (currently at 98 and 88 respectively), Garver himself ended his career with a streak of nine.

If you can’t get enough Ned, you can check out a write-up of his Effectively Wild interview by Eric Garcia McKinley at Beyond the Box Score, watch a video interview from 2014, and read an in-depth bio at


Thank you to all who voted during the tournament. You can visit rounds 1A and 1B for more info on all entrants, and visit our Essential Works for links to classic episodes. And you can still vote in our team-by-team PECOTA prediction poll.

As for Webb and Albers, they’ll still have a fantasy league named in their honor. And maybe this will be the season they get their elusive first saves…

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