The Padres acquired a lot of talent and kept a lot of young talent. They added some depth in areas where they had been minimal. They have a near replacement level infield, which they did not improve at all (sorry Will Middlebrooks). But most of all, they really do not have a prototypical leadoff hitter.

The Phillies traded their franchise hits leader Jimmy Rollins to the Dodgers. They traded their best source of power, Marlon Byrd, to the Reds. Nobody is giving more than a laundry machine for Ryan Howard, so Ruben Amaro Jr. is currently eating that huge contract. However, Cole Hamels is still on the Phillies’ roster.

“The Jays have their Rogers ‘homer’ Centre, the Yankees have a little-league-calibre right field porch, Camden Yards in Baltimore also helps run scoring, as does Fenway Park’s 37-foot high, 231-foot long Green Monster. So, for example, when we hear Rick Porcello is headed to Boston, that only means trouble, right?”

“Surely the Royals would not be upset in recreating the roster that was responsible for them winning the pennant. If I were the GM, I would not have spent $30 million on Billy Butler. On the other hand, I can potentially make a trade with the Boston Red Sox, for, who we will call for now, Billy Butler Light.”