Nick Koss and Rob Mains (also of Baseball Prospectus) join Ryan Sullivan to talk about their experience at the 2016 Saberseminar, and their favorite presenters and topics, including Dave Dombrowski, sports medicine, Effectively Wild live, Ryan Westmoreland, and the rise in home runs.

Special guest Meg Rowley of Baseball Prospectus joins Ryan Sullivan to talk about the Seattle Mariners in 2016, their short-term outlook, and their glory days — including thoughts on Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr. Also: balancing fandom and sportswriting, and the unique appeal of baseball cards.

Special guest Russell A. Carleton of Baseball Prospectus joins Ryan Sullivan to talk about team chemistry and psychology, and his supporting role in The Only Rule Is It Has to Work, then discusses sportswriting, ethics in sports medicine, and favorite podcasts.

“Saint” Nick Strangis and “Frosty” Ross Bukouricz join “Reindeer” Ryan Sullivan to talk about Jason Heyward and the remaining big name free agents, then discuss Out of the Park Baseball and saddest offseason moments, and end by exchanging baseball gift stories.

We start wrapping up the site’s first year with Alex Crisafulli, Eric Roseberry, Ryan Sullivan, and Ken Maeda, discussing the big pitcher signings, Dusty Baker, and Coach Bonds. Then they get into their fan origin stories, an encounter with Ben Lindbergh, and the biggest post of the Banished era thus far. (Recorded on Saturday.)