Matt Trueblood and Scott Kushner join Brandon Lee to talk about Yoenis Cespedes and other free agent news, Scott’s coaching at Centenary College, and Matt’s contribution to the 2016 Baseball Prospectus Annual. Then they play a BP ’96 player comments guessing game, and list what changes they’d make to MLB.

My favorite baseball movie of all time is The Natural. Go ahead, mock me.

I love it for all that is pure fantasy: whittling Wonderboy from a lightning-split tree, whiffing The Whammer, inexplicable shooting by a crazy woman, busted open balls, deadly outfield walls, exploding clocks in Wrigley, Glenn Close sold as attractive, a shadow lurking owner, Wilford Brimley being tangentially related to Kim Basinger, and of course… the bloody hero’s fireworks display.

“Whenever a new coach takes over a team, there is a power struggle. Players jostle for depth chart positioning, recognizing the clean slate that can erase prior misdeeds or accomplishments. They also jostle for positioning with their coach, because for a few years, the returning players actually have seniority over their new skipper. Determining who calls the shots can sometimes be a bloody and protracted battle.”

“And yet…no matter how many baseball games I’ve seen, I frequently find myself witnessing something I’ve never seen before. It doesn’t make any sense. To my knowledge, the play described below has only happened once in the history of baseball. I have never seen anything like it before or since. I believe it to be the single worst play ever to take place on a baseball diamond. You decide.”

“Joe Buck: Here’s the 0-1. That’s in the air to left center. That ball iiiiis…down. And it gets passed to the wall! Gordon is gonna dig for third. A mistake in the outfield…and Gordon is being waved home! There’s gonna be a play at the plate…the relay from Crawford…Posey takes it on a hop. Gordon topples over Posey aaaand…”