Presented here is a rundown of some of the features of the Effectively Wild baseball video game, which answers the question: If baseball video games were different, how different would they be?


Effectively Wild video game - menu

Get your game on with a variety of options. Win every time in Gonny Jomes mode!


Effectively Wild video game - closer


Once you set your closer, there’s no going back – the closer is the closer because he’s the closer!


Effectively Wild video game - Honda Fit

Rev up the Honda Fit to visit the Marvin Windows Factory in Warroad or the Market Diner in NYC.


Effectively Wild video game - inventory

Win games to level up and acquire a wide array of items to boost your team further.


Effectively Wild video game - news

Catch up on the news after each game.


Effectively Wild video game - field

Make baseball different: add pits, trampolines, or even an old guy living behind center field!


Effectively Wild video game - slog to rigor mortis

Play as Team Ben, Team Jeff, or Team Sam. Get sage advice from the guys themselves!


Effectively Wild video game - burn the ships

Fire your team up by burning the ships, just like Cortes!





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2 Responses to “Baseball Video Game: Effectively Wild”

  1. Mike

    Ken, this is amazing. You are a national treasure, or at the very least a state-level treasure.



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