An MLB Mascots "Quiz"

The hi-jinks of a loveable mascot can be as much a part of the ballpark experience as the crack of the bat and the smell of hot dogs. So, in tribute, here’s a little mascot quiz*.

We start wrapping up the site’s first year with Alex Crisafulli, Eric Roseberry, Ryan Sullivan, and Ken Maeda, discussing the big pitcher signings, Dusty Baker, and Coach Bonds. Then they get into their fan origin stories, an encounter with Ben Lindbergh, and the biggest post of the Banished era thus far. (Recorded on Saturday.)

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Writer Alex Crisafulli talks cards with senior staffer Ken Maeda (content to take on a sidekick role here) and host Ryan Sullivan (not yet ecstatic from hearing of Scherzer’s signing). Then the trio talks Cards, as well as Angels, playoff disappointment, and Effectively Wild.

“Many Effectively Wild listeners may agree with Sam that the weekly email shows are their favorite part of the podcast. So while EW Rewind handles the in-depth analysis of each episode from the first one on, we’ll also have a series of email show recaps, to give a rundown of each email and make for a handy reference guide. Think of it as the crunchberry-only version of Cap’n Crunch.”