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Going through old cards you’ll find some just have a knack of jumping out at you for various reasons. ’91 Score had a series of cards called “Master Blasters” which were designated for the sluggers of the day and “K-Men” which, well you get the idea. They were hideous.



But that ’88 Fleer card mentioned last time has put me in an analytical mood so let’s see what happens when a Master Blaster faces off versus a K-Man because, obviously, something has to give. And according to Baseball Reference, in 38 plate appearances versus David Cone, Cecil Fielder had a slash line of .171/.237.286 with just one home run and 14 strikeouts. Small sample size be damned, the K-Man > a Master Blaster.


It’s okay to laugh at this mustache – I did.



Forget “Fat-Derek Jeter” and say hello to “An-argument-could-be-made-that-he-sort-of-looks-in-shape John Kruk.”



Hmmm…looks like it’s time to scavenger through all of my commons in search of Yaz’s face and torso.



‘90 Donruss “The Rookies” set intact!



This was the best team I could assemble. There was no true shortstop so I had to shift Carlos Baerga over to that spot. I don’t know about you but I like that outfield. If you can’t tell, that’s Greg Vaughn in left. Oh, and Zeile is the DH.



I don’t quite remember what he did, but in 1989 I got really angry with Jody Reed.



Worse than getting a checklist was opening a pack and being greeted with a Topps “Company Store” card. Sweatshirt for sale on the front, some lucky giveaway on the back.



Oh, yes I did. What do I have to lose?



Here’s the All-MLB-Network Team:



Here’s the All-Managers-When-They-Were-Players Team:



And here’s manager Moose Stubing (real name: Lawrence) donning a fantastic California Angels mesh cap:


“Manager” is used loosely here, as he was only of the interim variety in the majors, ending ’88 with 0-8 record.

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