In Part 3 of the Time Capsule: Cards From the ‘80s & ‘90s series we were introduced to Randy McCament’s 1990 Upper Deck baseball card and marveled how wonderful it was when the card manufacturer didn’t seem to care whether their subject knew his picture was being taken.



I set out to find more of these cards and there were plenty.  To narrow it down for display, I created a starting lineup of these guys which we’re calling the All-Randy McCament Baseball Card Team. The stipulations are as follows: (1) the player on the card shouldn’t be very good; (2) the picture must be a non-action shot; and (3) it should appear that the player didn’t know his picture was being taken. Without further ado:


C: 1989 Topps Barry Lyons


There’s an argument to be made here that Lyons was completely aware his picture was being taken but that he wasn’t given proper notice as when to smile nor told where the camera was.  We’ll probably never know.  (UNRELATED SAD FACT: Lyons lost his house and 1986 World Series ring to destruction of Hurricane Katrina.  Thankfully, he and his family survived.)


1B: 1988 Topps Greg Brock


Some pretty shameless product placement going on here.


2B: 1989 Topps Tom Lawless


I think he’s under hypnosis.


SS: 1990 Topps Scott Fletcher


Just like the 1990 Donruss Rookies set from Part 2, it wasn’t easy to find a shortstop and this was the best I could do.  (Were shortstops hard to come by in 1990?)  And technically, this might not satisfy stipulation #2 since Fletcher here is wearing a helmet and this could be considered an action shot.  So if anyone has a better card, I urge you to contact us here at Banished to the Pen and we’ll send Fletcher packing.

(UNRELATED FUN FACT: President George W. Bush’s dog, Spot Fetcher, was named after Fletcher, who played for the Texas Rangers while the team was owned by President Bush.  Spot was the daughter of Millie, President George H.W. Bush’s dog, and was born in the White House in 1989.  Spot holds the distinction of being the only dog to live in the White House during two non-consecutive terms.  Spot passed away in 2004 after suffering several strokes.  She was 14 years old.)


3B: 1988 Topps Darnell Coles


We seem to have a Topps dominated infield.


OF: 1984 Fleer Jim Wohlford


Can we bring the Expos back, please? Those uniforms alone–with that fantastic color scheme –should move them to the head of the line for the next expansion.


OF: 1986 Topps Paul Householder


That jacket!  That hair!!  That pensive look on his face!!!


OF: 1988 Donruss John Moses


Honestly, would it kill the photographer to snap more than one picture?  Or to maybe say, “Hey, look up here and make eye contact”?


SP: 1986 Topps Roy Smith


Whoever authored Smith’s Wikipedia page is a jerk.

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 6.23.17 PM


RP: 1990 Upper Deck Rob Murphy


What the hell?  Is that the world’s first laptop?


Manager: 1986 Topps[1] Chuck Cottier


The All-Randy McCament Baseball Card Team is in good hands.


[1] You may have noticed there wasn’t a single Score card.  That’s not an accident.  Score doesn’t play this game.  Every Score card I found was an action shot, which, while noble, is not as much fun.


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