Writer & Cardinals fan Alex Crisafulli, writer & Reds fan Eric Roseberry, and editor & Cubs fan Brandon Lee met up in Chicago, Illinois, to record our first live, in-person episode. Within the friendly confines of Brandon’s car, the three chat about opening day/night, fanbase geography, and 2015 MLB storylines. Also discussed were rock bands and observations of passersby.

This week’s special guest is Russell Carleton, Baseball Prospectus writer and frequent Effectively Wild guest. He joins Ryan Sullivan, to offer his insights on the effects of “the grind,” the value of managers, clubhouse chemistry, drug/alcohol addiction in baseball, and advocating for women in sportswriting. This episode does not contain #GoryMath.

Banished to the Pen Podcast (Lee Smith)

A special Friday edition of the podcast, and the audio portion of Matt Trueblood’s farewell tour. Our senior writer will be departing the pen to join the starting rotation at Baseball Prospectus. On this episode, he joins Mikey Poley and Ryan Sullivan as they also talk about Cleveland, Cuba, surveying analytics use around MLB, and what to look for in the 2015 season. Congratulations to Matt from all of us at Banished to the Pen.

Banished to the Pen wrestling

The first episode of Banished to the Pen’s semi-regular spin-off podcast. Pro wrestling is a secondary pastime for many Effectively Wild fans, so the series starts with Eric Roseberry, Ryan Sullivan, and Ken Maeda chatting about their fandom, baseball Randy Savage, the lingo, live shows, and bloopers. Plus, Eric discusses his brief first-hand experience as a wrestler at the indie level. We hope there’s something for fans and non-fans alike.

Banished to the Pen Podcast logo

Writer Alex Crisafulli talks cards with senior staffer Ken Maeda (content to take on a sidekick role here) and host Ryan Sullivan (not yet ecstatic from hearing of Scherzer’s signing). Then the trio talks Cards, as well as Angels, playoff disappointment, and Effectively Wild.