Special guest Russell A. Carleton of Baseball Prospectus joins Ryan Sullivan to talk about team chemistry and psychology, and his supporting role in The Only Rule Is It Has to Work, then discusses sportswriting, ethics in sports medicine, and favorite podcasts.

In the first episode of An NL Central Podcast, Alex Crisafulli, Eric Roseberry, and Brandon Lee discuss the virtues of a divisional podcast in 2016, your current WAR leaderboards, how this year’s Reds aren’t at all like the 1996 Bulls, why Cardinals fans should consider booing Jason Heyward, and “Christian EDM.”

Alex Crisafulli and Eric Roseberry join Brandon Lee (not in a car due to scheduling conflicts), talking about cubs, Cubs, Cards, Reds, Roseberry Twitter, John Lackey, winning a World Series, and the Effectively Wild Tournament finals.

Matt Trueblood and Scott Kushner join Brandon Lee to talk about Yoenis Cespedes and other free agent news, Scott’s coaching at Centenary College, and Matt’s contribution to the 2016 Baseball Prospectus Annual. Then they play a BP ’96 player comments guessing game, and list what changes they’d make to MLB.

“Saint” Nick Strangis and “Frosty” Ross Bukouricz join “Reindeer” Ryan Sullivan to talk about Jason Heyward and the remaining big name free agents, then discuss Out of the Park Baseball and saddest offseason moments, and end by exchanging baseball gift stories.