“Movember” is a unique annual event that runs each November, where mustaches are grown in an effort to raise awareness of various men’s health issues, physical and mental. Consider taking a moment today to donate to worthwhile charities such as the Movember Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Something not worthwhile is pasting celebrity mustaches on unwitting baseball players — nevertheless, see if you can guess whose is adorned on each face below. Given the lack of iconic mustaches among today’s younger stars, you may need to ask your parents. Answers at the bottom.

 Baseball Mustache - Rich Hill1. Rich Hill Baseball Mustache - David Ross2. David Ross
 Baseball Mustache - Joey Votto3. Joey Votto Baseball Mustache - Robinson Cano4. Robinson Cano
 Baseball Mustache - Carlos Correa5. Carlos Correa Baseball Mustache - Adrian Beltre6. Adrian Beltre
 Baseball Mustache - Aaron Judge7. Aaron Judge Baseball Mustache - Mike Ttout8. Mike Trout
 Baseball Mustache - Giancarlo Stanton9. Giancarlo Stanton Baseball Mustache - Matt Albers10. Matt Albers



1. Cheech Marin   2. Sam Elliott
3. Hulk Hogan   4. Groucho Marx
5. Billy Dee Williams   6. Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman
7. Burt Reynolds   8. Prince
9. Oates   10. Frank Zappa


Apologies to Tom Selleck and Ron Burgundy.


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