The Royals have won the World Series, but there’s still a much more important matter to settle: who emerged victorious in our Sky Kalkman-inspired World Series prediction contest. Ten pairs of statistical categories were presented to Effectively Wild Facebook group members, who simply had to pick one in each case, plus the average time of game and the series outcome. Here’s how they got on.

Hi, everyone! And welcome to Write-Up For Yesterday, BttP’s guide to what the heck happened yesterday in baseball. We’re not gonna just hand you some scores here, because we trust you know how to type the letters E-S-P-N into your internet machine. Instead, we hope to give you a fuller and richer understanding of important goings on from yesterday in baseball. The big stories, and the noteworthy performances-good and bad.

Staff writer Andrew Patrick and Baseball Prospectus writer Matt Trueblood join Ryan Sullivan to talk all the baseball: the red-hot Mets, the A’s-Royals feud, and Carter Capps’ special delivery. Also discussed are Matt’s experiences as a new writer for Baseball Prospectus, and each guest’s favorite baseball memories.

The Mets started this offseason with a bang, making the first signing of a free agent, Michael Cuddyer from the Colorado Rockies for 2 years and $21 million. As a player who received a qualifying offer, the Mets forfeited their 2015 1st round draft pick (#15 overall). However, after signing Cuddyer, the Mets only added two other players, outfielder John Mayberry Jr. and rule 5 pick LHP Sean Gilmartin. They lost a few players of which most notable were Eric Young Jr., who stole 46 bases in 2013 and 30 in 2014, and Gonzalez Germen (yes, he began the offseason as a Met). Besides these small moves it has been a very quiet offseason. The team added only two pitchers (including Gilmartin), an anomaly in the league as most teams stock up on pitchers (the average team added 15 according to the WSJ).