The Royals have won the World Series, but there’s still a much more important matter to settle: who emerged victorious in our Sky Kalkman-inspired World Series prediction contest. Ten pairs of statistical categories were presented to Effectively Wild Facebook group members, who simply had to pick one in each case, plus the average time of game and the series outcome. Here’s how they got on.

CategoryGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Total% picked
Mets starter K226582370.6%
IP KC starters693.14628.129.4%
Volquez IP600061272.7%
Mets middle IP1.2222.
Familia Sv00000035.0%
Davis Sv00010165.0%
Murphy HR0000002.8%
KC HR20000297.2%
NY HR10221658.0%
KC SB10114742.0%
KC 1B+2B8+28+16+18+17+34590.0%
NY BB+HR3+13+01+21+26+1209.1%
NY P hits00100152.4%
Escobar BB00000047.6%
3B from cycle00000021.7%
No-hit thru 400000078.3%
Cueto relief IP00000030.1%
Harvey relief IP00000069.9%
Bench-clearing incidents00000021%
KC errors10001279%

Royals starter IP def. Mets starter strikeouts

After a poor start, the Mets starters mounted a strong comeback but ultimately had dug themselves into too big of a hole by only striking out four through the first two games, while the Royals got two strong performances from Volquez and Cueto.

Edinson Volquez IP def. Mets middle relievers

Similarly, Volquez’s excellent showing also denied the Mets middle relievers in the second-face off, with two six-inning outings proving too much for the bullpen arms to make up. Had the Mets pushed the series to seven, this could have been close.

Wade Davis saves def. Jeurys Familia saves

Wade Davis made it 3-0 to the Royals, although it wasn’t because of a lack of opportunities for Jeurys Familia. Familia’s three blown saves despite only giving up one earned run naturally sparked an entertaining discussion between Ben and Sam.

Royals home runs def. Daniel Murphy home runs

Although the poll results were lopsided, the Royals never improved on their two home runs, making this a surprisingly close contest despite Murphy’s zero. The Rockies aren’t deterred by Murphy’s lack of pop in the Fall Classic; they’re considering signing him to play first base.

Royals stolen bases def. Mets home runs

In the matchup that was perhaps the most representative of the series as a whole, the Royals stormed to a comeback win by stealing four bases in Game 5, after going in 5-3 down. Two players made up the bulk of this production: Lorenzo Cain stole four bases to Curtis Granderson’s three homers.

Royals singles + doubles def. Mets home runs + walks

The contact-hitting rally masters cruised this one, posting at least 6 singles in each of the 5 games, while the Mets had two games with just a single walk. In hindsight, this would have been more of a contest had we double-checked and realised the suggestion we received was actually for strikeouts, and not walks, on the Mets side (in which case it would have been a 46-45 New York win).

Mets pitcher hits def. Alcides Escobar walks

The Mets finally get on the board in the team-specific matchups in a thrilling 1-0 victory. Esky knows better than to waste his time waiting for four balls, and so Noah Syndergaard’s Game 3 single was enough to make the difference.

Triple away from the cycle performances vs no-hitters through four innings ended in a no contest

There was on average almost a triple away from the cycle performance per day of the regular season, but it wasn’t to be here. There was an Esky Magic cycle over the course of the series, while Volquez and Jacob deGrom both carried no-hitters into the fourth inning in Games 1 and 2 respectively.

Matt Harvey relief IP vs Johnny Cueto relief IP ended in a no contest

The series really needed to go longer for this to have a winner, and had the infamous events of the ninth inning of Game 5 not unfolded, there would at least have been a chance of Harvey coming back to pitch in Game 7. Cueto likely wouldn’t have made a relief appearance no matter what, given his impending Game 6 start.

Royals errors defeated bench-clearing incidents

Two rare misplays by Eric Hosmer, who made just four errors in 154 games at first base during the regular season, made this a 2-0 win. Syndergaard did his best to clear the benches with his controversial first pitch to Escobar in Game 3, but it wasn’t to be.

The Kalkman Klassic C(K?)hampion!

Ultimately, there was a single outright winner, who incredibly picked all 8 of the results that it was possible to get correct (excluding the two 0-0 matchups) and the Royals in five. The enigmatically named ‘Paul P’ is our 2015 Kalkman Klassic champion! Special mention also to Joe Cole and Tyler Furney, who were tied for second on 10 points. The final sortable, searchable standings are below:

NameScoreTime of Game
Paul P113:38
Joe Cole103:10
Tyler Furney103:25
Aaron Wiens93:24
Jack Nowland93:46
Tucker Perkins93:07
Collin Whitchurch83:00
Steve Bartman83:00
Ed Halter83:35
Greg Pessin83:25
Brad Workman83:13
Cal Crawford83:27
Brian Schwartz73:25
Mike Brownlee73:37
Andrew Bashuk73:34
Chris Mitchell73:22
Bobby A.73:23
John M73:30
Joel Goering73:32
Jon Rich73:12
Zach Walther73:57
Jeremy Hellbusch73:38
Bart Parks73:05
Bob Davis73:23
Jack Willnauer73:27
Josh Roberts73:37
Brian Williams73:12
Patrick O'Sullivan73:13
Michelle Quick74:06
Bryan K63:31
Tim Tjarks63:37
Wayne Goldstein63:13
Matthew Bultitude63:22
Aaron Kessler62:57
Jake Silverman63:06
Craig Brown63:29
Jason Spencer63:22
Andrew Blackburn63:36
Griffin Smith63:10
Cody Kirschner63:02
Brian Finucane63:20
Seth Kincaid63:22
Megan cairns63:24
Zach Watkins64:02
Jonah Watt64:22
Todd Suits63:49
Barry Gilpin63:10
Brandon Lee63:11
Ben L63:23
Mick Reinhard63:12
Ken Maeda63:33
Jon Akerman63:28
Devin The Dream53:19
Tyler baber53:48
Evan K53:28
Eric Hartman53:20
Derek Turner53:04
Jan Forty-Two53:10
Alistair B53:58
Michael Wray53:22
Tony Grange53:23
Matt Gwin53:22
Seth Rubin53:01
Doug Giombarrese53:09
Gregory Dodds53:14
Jasun Lee53:07
Nick Koss53:05
Vince Rinaldi52:58
Bryan McAllister53:06
Sean Malone53:20
anthony griffiths53:27
Alex Goedken53:05
Alex S53:15
Andy Sutherlin53:23
Chris Holhubner53:50
John Adams53:23
Patrick McCormick53:01
Cathy King53:03
Mark Sands53:25
Unnessecarily Jacked Nick Punto44:05
Tom R43:11
Greg D43:45
Jimmy Chen43:25
gabe Bombara43:27
Ben Evan Suissa43:10
Jason Rodriguez43:10
Tim Chow43:25
james Gentile43:45
Jeff Pilcicki43:36
Dave Y.43:27
Sky Kalkman43:28
Bud Simpson42:49
J. Perry43:35
Nate Westre43:21
Nick Pellichero43:04
David Marrero43:33
Darius A33:23
Chris Carpenter33:27
Joshua Callaghan33:31
Todd Barton33:45
Ben Marchini33:14
Nathan B33:30
Rich "Dykstra" Meneghello33:21
Bill Weber33:13

Congratulations also to Chris Holhubner, who correctly picked the average time of game tiebreaker as 3:50. If pro-rated over nine innings, five people were spot on with a guess of 3:15, but were considerably less forthcoming with their full names: justarobert @BHIndepMO, Alex S, Nick, and one of our anonymous respondents.

Thanks to everyone for playing, be sure to check out Sky’s next 32 Predictions contest, and see you all next year!

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