Hello, everybody. Each Sunday, we hope to highlight some posts from the previous week — and beyond — here at Banished to the Pen. “In case you missed it,” as the kids like to say (though not in as many words). Cue the funky 80s background music.



Though we don’t plan to compete with the other sites and blogs that bring you all the latest news and notes, we’re offering up “Write-Up for Yesterday,” a daily series of quick recaps which we hope will bring a different perspective to the previous day in all things baseball.

Before the season began, we concluded our 2015 “Team in a Box” preview series. If you’re new to the site, look up your favorite teams, and check out Darius Austin’s comprehensive comparison of win predictions

Mikey Poley rounded up the thoughts of Banished to the Pen’s writers, staff, and peanut gallery, and posted the prediction poll results for 2015’s division and individual award winners.



Stephen Shaw crunched the numbers to see how much teams paid free agents in comparison to the league’s average $ paid per WAR. On the flip side, he followed up by seeing which agents got the biggest contracts in comparison to the league’s average $ per WAR value.

Jesse Krailer joined Banished to the Pen to showcase his unique, visual representation of game summaries: the Modern Box Score.

Strikeouts are all the rage in baseball, but AD looked into whether the legendary slugger Babe Ruth was as much into the “K” as his modern counterparts.



Eric Roseberry offered The Busy Person’s Guide to Following Baseball, for those who need a gameplan to digest as much baseball information as one can on a given day.

In the game of Bingo, there are 24 squares (plus a free space). In baseball, there are 24 base-out states. Darius Austin showed how you can combine the two in “Base-Out Bingo.”

Inspired by an offhand analogy by Ben Lindbergh, the Baber brothers (Tyler and Chris) compared all 30 teams to various X-Files “Monsters of the Week.” Tyler also delved into the many current threats to MLB as we know it.



On the eve of opening night, three of our writers — Brandon Lee, Alex Crisafulli, and Eric Roseberry, gathered together in the parking lot of the McDonald’s next to Wrigley Field to record our first ever live, in-person podcast episode.



This past Wednesday marked the start of our 5th month here at Banished to the Pen. Peruse the post that started it all, The Banished to the Pen Way, penned by Matt Trueblood, our former head writer who has since gone on to Baseball Prospectus.

If you’re a new listener to Effectively Wild (the podcast that’s the reason for our existence), look back at our first entry of the podcast’s first two episodes, in EW Rewind. And look for new entries in the series soon.


That’s all for now, folks. See you next week on This Week in “Banished”.


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