The hi-jinks of a loveable mascot can be as much a part of the ballpark experience as the crack of the bat and the smell of hot dogs. So, in tribute, here’s a little mascot quiz*.

*Not an actual quiz.


These presidential mascots are running frantically to…

A) Earn a trophy for first place.

B) Win prizes for the fans.

C) Avoid being offered Trump’s VP spot.


This clip of a naked Phillie Phanatic is from…

A) The most recent Phillies homestand.

B) An MLB blooper reel.

C) The next season of Game of Thrones.


Here we see a despondent Mr Met reacting to…

A) The Mets committing a three-run error.

B) The Mets on the verge of being shut out.

C) Mrs Met’s compromising photos with Zack Hample.


Tensions boiled over as a result of…

A) A sweltering Houston heat wave.

B) A lengthy Astros losing streak.

C) A few too many Colt 45s.


These mascots represent…

A) Various sea creatures.

B) Alien heroes from a children’s show.

C) “Special ingredients” in the ballpark hot dogs.


The Pirate Parrot is sleeping in the stands because…

A) The game is headed to the 16th inning.

B) It’s late in the second half of a double header.

C) Things aren’t going well at home with Mrs Parrot.


Shown here is…

A) A character from a traveling dinosaur exhibit.

B) A prop from the upcoming Jurassic World sequel.

C. Noted baseball traditionalist Murray Chass.


This footage of Lou Seal was shot during…

A) The regular season.

B) The postseason.

C) Mating season.


After this embarrassing moment, Lord Vader…

A) Meditated in his chamber.

B) Choked a security guard in anger.

C) Was signed to pitch in relief for the Reds.


This clip is from an article entitled…

A) “Horsing Around at the Ballpark”

B) “Neigh-borly Fun in Arlington”

C) “Rangers Acquire John Lackey”


This creature is eating…

A) A fun-loving coach from the road team.

B) A disguised local actor.

C) A horrified “Pokemon Go” player.


And finally: Here we see the Phanatic…

A) Looking for the keys.

B) Trying to steal a wallet.

C) Making a smooth grab in foul territory.

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