Everyone’s favorite gap-toothed funnyman, David Letterman, has presented many baseball-related Top Ten Lists during his influential and inventive 33-year run in late night.

So in honor of his final Tonight Show Late Show broadcast tonight, here’s a Top Ten of ten entries from those Top Tens. After that, seven (not ten) baseball-related clips from Late Night and The Late Show. (Thank you, Dave.)


10. Knock out beer vendor with ball and you automatically win the game.

9. Pete Rose’s dog banned from Baseball Players’ Dog Hall of Fame.

8. Keeps running up to fat guys in the stands and yelling, “Babe Ruth! You’re alive!”

7. Your best hitter’s nickname: “The Sultan of Suck.”

6. Annual mentholated rub from Tommy Lasorda.

5. “I gotta do Hall of Fame stuff” — perfect excuse to get out of plans the wife made.

4. Kent Hrbek’s Missing ‘E’.

3. Put an on-deck circle in Madonna’s bed.

2. During difficult times in my life I rebroadcast or retransmitted games without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.

1. The Audio-animatronic Mookie.


Top Ten Rasta Expressions or Baseball Chatter

Joe Garagiola and Ted Williams

Top Ten with Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken, Jr

Intern Todd at the 2014 All-Star Game

Gar Ryness, Batting Stance Guy

Hank Aaron

Norm McDonald’s Bob Uecker Story


Good night everybody, and drive safely!




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