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“This post goes along with my previous post in which I found that ‘…an All-Star selection can increase a player’s salary significantly; on average by $1,517,550.’ What I did not demonstrate there, but intend to explain here, is how that increase in a player’s salary the year after an All-Star selection relates to their statistical performance in that same year.”

“I am fascinated with MLB player salaries (all sports salaries for that matter), and I wanted to know if it was worth anything to the player to be selected to an All-Star team. I know players typically have incentives built into their contract for achievements such as this, but they usually fall under the category of a one time bonus. What about their actual salary? Is it affected if the player makes an All-Star team?”

“Thousands of pitchers have played major league baseball. Most of us only remember the greats and rightly so. Hall of Famers like Walter Johnson, Sandy Koufax, and Greg Maddux. These are great pitchers and should be remembered. But what about all the others? There are a few that have slipped through the cracks that I find very interesting.”