I hate spring training. It’s like the calm before the storm. Filled with “coachspeak,” and “best shape of their lives” memes, I find the whole thing quite tedious. So, what is a boy to do? Let’s browse the PECOTA spreadsheet for interesting data to attempt to analyze!

The latest buzzwords are “Effective” and “Velocity.” Effective velocity (EV) is the quantification of the intuitive concept that some pitches seem faster (or slower) to hitters than they actually are if measured by a radar gun.

Yesterday marked nine years since Twins fans lost a legendary player and Minneapolis lost its favorite adopted son, Kirby Puckett. Puckett passed away one day after suffering a massive stroke in a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, far from the public eye but never far from Twins fans’ thoughts. He left a legacy as one of the most huggable players fans will ever see, but his off-the-field problems leave fans struggling to reconcile his bright presence on the field with his dark spiral off the field.

The Padres acquired a lot of talent and kept a lot of young talent. They added some depth in areas where they had been minimal. They have a near replacement level infield, which they did not improve at all (sorry Will Middlebrooks). But most of all, they really do not have a prototypical leadoff hitter.