Several months ago in the super secret online clubhouse for contributors to Banished to the Pen, I posted to inquire if anyone would like to start a fantasy baseball league, since we all like baseball and it occurred to me that some of us might like building and destroying fake baseball teams. Within a week, one brave contributor stepped out of the shadows up to found an ottoneu SABR points league (subscription required) which we soon filled with 11 other excited community members.

Banished to the Pen wrestling

The first episode of Banished to the Pen’s semi-regular spin-off podcast. Pro wrestling is a secondary pastime for many Effectively Wild fans, so the series starts with Eric Roseberry, Ryan Sullivan, and Ken Maeda chatting about their fandom, baseball Randy Savage, the lingo, live shows, and bloopers. Plus, Eric discusses his brief first-hand experience as a wrestler at the indie level. We hope there’s something for fans and non-fans alike.

If there’s one sport out there accessible to the gaming crowd, I believe it’s baseball. Baseball has everything gamers want; insane eccentricities, naturally occurring pauses, one-on-one interaction, and big stars, and more. To that end, if there are any gamers out there trying to get into baseball and wondering which team to support, I’ve created a handy guide for such an endeavour. Being a gamer and a baseball fan myself, I’ve tried to align this to existing gamer tendencies. I’ll lay out a brief background and a few facts about each team, then tell you what kind of gamer they’ll appeal to, and give a few examples of what the good and bad of following a team will feel like playing. I hope you enjoy it!

My favorite baseball movie of all time is The Natural. Go ahead, mock me.

I love it for all that is pure fantasy: whittling Wonderboy from a lightning-split tree, whiffing The Whammer, inexplicable shooting by a crazy woman, busted open balls, deadly outfield walls, exploding clocks in Wrigley, Glenn Close sold as attractive, a shadow lurking owner, Wilford Brimley being tangentially related to Kim Basinger, and of course… the bloody hero’s fireworks display.

The 17-year-old lefty was clocked at 92 miles per hour and he threw five no-hitters for his Blanchard High School team in Oklahoma. Nolan Ryan threw seven no-nos during his major league career. Obviously high school isn’t MLB, but that’s still a pretty nice stat to have at the disposal of the guys sitting around the draft board looking at your name. At this point in the story, when the name of a legendary Hall of Famer has been dropped, what could go wrong?