Inspired by the annual David Letterman segment in which he would greet young trick-or-treaters dressed in quirky, bizarre, often topical costumes, here’s our own series of eight baseball-related costume ideas. (With thanks to AD, Brandon Lee, Dan Epstein, and Darius Austin.)


Here’s something that will push any fan to the brink of insanity: an MLB.TV game that just keeps buffering.

baseball halloween costume - MLB.TV buffering screen


This ensemble has everything you need to literally take candy from a baby: ballhawk/ballhog Zack Hample.

baseball halloween costume - Zack Hample


Topps’ exclusive MLB license has resulted in disturbing oddities like this: a logoless Donruss baseball card.

baseball halloween costume - logoless Donruss card


This costume combines two things you just can’t escape: Marlins Man, presented by YouTube TV.

baseball halloween costume - Marlins Man presented by YouTube TV


Once you see this unsettling image, you can’t unsee it: the big white bird in the MLB logo.

baseball halloween costume - white bird in MLB logo


Here’s a combo sure to make your stomach turn: Terry Francona’s tobacco, gum, and seeds.

baseball halloween costume - Terry Francona tobacco gum seeds


Old Chewbacca costume + Houston Astros uniform = hairy Justin Verlander.

baseball halloween costume - hairy Justin Verlander


Saving the most horrifying costume for last: the user comments section.

baseball halloween costume - comments section


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