Below is a sortable list of candidates for our poll of favorite fictional baseball-playing characters (which includes 12 infielders, 12 outfielders, 17 pitchers, and 9 catchers). Apologies for any inevitable snubs.

At the link provided, vote for up to nine characters (regardless of position). Voting ends on Monday night, July 17.


For a near-complete list of baseball movies, check out our Baseball Movie Guide. (You can also read entries on Battered Bastards of Baseball, The Natural, The Naked Gun, Major League II, Long Gone, Pitch, The Simpsons, Peanuts, Game of Thrones, and The X-Files.)


Click here for the results.


Dottie HinsonCA League of Their Own
Kit KellerPA League of Their Own
Mae MordabitoOFA League of Their Own
Marla Hooch2BA League of Their Own
Mel ClarkPAngels in the Outfield
Ray Mitchell3BAngels in the Outfield
Amanda WhurlizerPBad News Bears
Kelly LeakOFBad News Bears
Tanner BoyleSSBad News Bears
Bruce PearsonCBang the Drum Slowly
Monty BrewsterPBrewster's Millions
Crash DavisPBull Durham
Nuke LaLooshCBull Durham
Sam MalonePCheers
Kenny PowersPEastbound & Down
Glen McReynolds3BEverybody Wants Some!!
Jay NilesPEverybody Wants Some!!
Billy ChapelPFor Love of the Game
Gus SinskiCFor Love of the Game
Lou Collins1BLittle Big League
Cecil "Stud" Cantrell3BLong Gone
Bugs BunnyallLooney Tunes ("Baseball Bugs")
Jake TaylorCMajor League
Pedro CerranoOFMajor League
Ricky VaughnPMajor League
Roger Dorn3BMajor League
Willie Mays HayesOFMajor League
Stan RossDH/1BMr 3000
T-Rex PennebakerOFMr 3000
Jack Elliot1BMr Baseball
Charlie BrownPPeanuts
Lucy Van PeltOFPeanuts
Ginny BakerPPitch
Mike LawsonCPitch
Chet "Rocket" SteadmanPRookie of the Year
Henry RowengartnerPRookie of the Year
Buck BokaiSSStar Trek
Bingo LongPThe Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars...
Leon CarterCThe Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars...
Sidd FinchPThe Curious Case of Sidd Finch
Bobby RayburnOFThe Fan
Angels right fielderOFThe Naked Gun
Roy HobbsOFThe Natural
Benny "The Jet" RodriguezSSThe Sandlot
Hamilton "Ham" PorterCThe Sandlot
Michael "Squints" PalledorousOFThe Sandlot
Scotty SmallsOFThe Sandlot
Steve NebraskaPThe Scout
Homer SimpsonOFThe Simpsons
Josh Exley?The X-Files ("The Unnatural")
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