I needed a portfolio to get into Ryerson University’s journalism program. That’s basically why I started writing at Banished to the Pen. I was a baseball fan my whole life, and I had some knowledge of advanced metrics, so I said screw it, this seems like a good place to write and if/after I get into my program I’ll stop…

The Saberseminar (aka Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball) is an annual conference held over a weekend in Boston featuring a full two-slate of sabermetric and analytic presentations. It draws analysts, teams, former players,… Read more »

Here is an explanation of this weekly feature. This entry lists the best and worst for the past 30 days of the 2016 regular season, through games of Sunday, July 31. Comment of the week:… Read more »

Special guest Meg Rowley of Baseball Prospectus joins Ryan Sullivan to talk about the Seattle Mariners in 2016, their short-term outlook, and their glory days — including thoughts on Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr. Also: balancing fandom and sportswriting, and the unique appeal of baseball cards.