In the first episode of An NL Central Podcast, Alex Crisafulli, Eric Roseberry, and Brandon Lee discuss the virtues of a divisional podcast in 2016, your current WAR leaderboards, how this year’s Reds aren’t at all like the 1996 Bulls, why Cardinals fans should consider booing Jason Heyward, and “Christian EDM.”

Fairy Tales seem to end in a similar fashion–conflict resolved, happiness acquired, vague conclusion indicating permanence of victory. Real life is rarely this way. Take for instance the parallel misery of the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs. Decades of failure stacked upon each other, lined with mishaps and blunders that hold more to their franchise legends than the players themselves.

Late Tuesday night, it was announced that the Cubs had signed free agent Jon Lester to a 6-yr, $155-million contract: “The fact is 2014 Jon Lester was completely different from 2011-2013 Jon Lester. Instead, he looked like the Jon Lester who was lost years ago. What changed that made the Red Sox nearly double their initial offer for Lester in a matter of months? Let’s take a look.”